Los precios a continuación son POR TRATAMIENTO.

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Esthetic Health

Tratamientos para mujeres

blood draw  |  $200
women's therapy  |  $400
men's therapy  |  $700

Tratamientos para mujeres

Vitamin b12 shots  |  $25
mic me skinny shot  |  $35

Tratamientos para mujeres

plenish iv  myers cocktail  |  $125
Vitamin B complex, vitamin c, magnesium, vitamin b5, calcium gluconate, b12, b6
ascorbic acid - vitamin c me  |   $75
wound healing, builds collagen, prevents damage to cells, provides immune support
zinc after you drink - zinc  |   $75
A lack of zinc contributes to the body not being able to absorb water combating dehydration
add ons  |   $15
glutathione (anti-inflammatory) reduces stress & cell damage, lightening &brightening skin by erasing hyper-pigmentation & inhibiting melanin production in cells.
esthetic injectables

Tratamientos para mujeres

forehead  |  $150- $200
eyebrow/ glabella  |  $150-$300
smile lines (eyes)  |  $200-$250
Bunny lines (nose)  |  $50
lip "flip"  |  $50
other areas - $12/unit basis
injectable fillers
Lip Filler  |  $750
Cheek filler  |  $750 and up

** All prices are per vial.  Multiple areas can be treated with a single vial.

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